MaidEasy is our flagship cleaning services that offers total home care solutions combining housekeeping, general cleaning, and laundry services. Trust us to take good care of your home so you can enjoy it the most.

Why MaidEasy is better than Traditional Maids:



Health & Security risk due to unknown background. Live-in maid limits privacy and risk of unwanted guests.

None standard work, only by order, often languange and cultural differences cause difficulties.

Only basic housekeeping activities, no support for professional repair and maintenance, or logistic services.

Require investments in cleaning equipment and continuous expenses in cleaning materials.

Traditional maid is entitled to have up to two weeks religious holidays per year, may also require leave of absence for other emergencies.

Extra one month salary for religious holidays per year; may also require extra expenses for medical and other emergencies.


Protect your health, security and privacy by having trusted housekeeping professionals at your services.

Hotel standard housekeeping practices delivered and supervised by trusted professionals.

As a one-stop property services solution. MitraHome supports clients in every area of property needs.

The MaidEasy service package includes all cleaning equipment and materials.

MitraHome only observes official national holidays, which will be replaced by other days in the same week to maintain our level of service.

No extra or hidden charges, Mitrahome is responsible for all expenses of our housekeeping staffs. Tipping is not necessary.